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Upholstery Cleaning London At the Best Rates!

Cheaply, quickly and immediately – that is how your home upholstery can be restored without even making you doing any effort. With years of experience and curiosity in the newest trends of furniture refreshment, we are now able to offer you a high-quality professional Upholstery Cleaning London service that worth it every single penny.

Upholstery cleaning london services

Our well-trained upholstery cleaners are prepared to face any type of dirt and to recover any kind of upholstery furniture material, design or pattern.

This is how we always manage to offer the best cleaning service for your personal home upholstery without putting it at risk of tearing or damaging.

The good knowledge and the modern cleaning equipment we have for the field help us to cope with the task at fraction of the second.

We apply a wide range of cleaning methods, so any upholstery to come to life again by making it soft, bright and as pure as snow.

We guarantee you full customer support and wonderful final outcome. Rely on experts in the field and order upholstery cleaning service, which does worth it!


Upholstery cleaning  = Restoration + Refreshment +Preservation

Upholstery Cleaning services london

Instead of having your upholstery cleaned from old stains only, we provide you a triple offer that included deep restoration – including dusting and bacteria elimination – refreshment with deodorizing effect and preservation technique to keep the final outcome last for longer. To restore your upholstery, our diligent cleaners use modern approaches into cleaning with green detergents that do not harm your living space and do not cause either dermatological problems, or allergy.

To refresh the furniture, we give a superb post-treatment with a special attention to the details like avoiding damaging actions or products. Last, but not least, to secure your furniture, our London Upholstery Cleaning Service can include – if required – special Scotchgard protector application.

This is a revolutionary tool that creates an additional layer on the surface. With this extra layer the upholstery cannot absorb the grime and dust, while the stains remains in past. Order our Upholstery Cleaning London service and improve the look of your home interior. Furniture is the element that makes your house homey, snug and individual, so keep it safe and hygienic.


Expert Upholstery Cleaning Service Program – Explained Step by Step

Upholstery Furniture Clean concentrates the whole charm in a premise and even in a house or a flat. However, when it comes to beautiful upholstery, you must never forget that it requires decent and constant maintenance. Sometimes, ordinary cleaning with materials at hands is just not enough for you to keep your sofas, stools, seats and armchairs in top condition. An expert hand and an expert pack of effective and contemporary measures are needed! GS Cleaning Company is ready to give you all of these and to make wonders with your old, dirty or wasted upholstery. We do refresh and clean it safely, greenly and step by step following this simple guide for ideal final outcome.

  • Deep Inspection of the Upholstery

Any bad approach into cleaning upholstery can make disasters and damages that cannot be later corrected. So our cleaners always begin the procedure with decent inspection of the material and its level of dirtiness. Only when the fibres are estimated and spots are observed, the right decision for the most appropriate solution can be made. When the evaluation is done, we can apply the right tools, detergents and measures for fast purity restoration.

  • Freeing the area for maximum approach

Don't worry about the surrounding area. No matter where and how the upholstery furniture is located in the premise, we will save-proof the living space and make it happen to clean even the hard to be reached places. For this purpose, our cleaners will move every obstacle that can deny access to the upholstery instead of you.

  • Vacuuming for deep sanitizing preparation

Vacuuming is a must for any upholstery cleaning procedure for two main reasons. First of all, it eliminates the dust that you cannot remove with your personal domestic vacuum cleaner so effectively. And second of all, vacuuming is important for all dry grime and soils to be eliminated and bad stains to remain on display and later, finely deleted from the upholstery.

  • Stain removal

All the hard and stubborn stains on upholstery will be eliminated safely and precisely. We apply natural and eco-friendly detergents depending on the furniture material. Eventually all of the spots – including those made of food and organic – will be removed with no risk of damage or tearing.

  • Hot-water extraction method

Determined as the best solution for deep dirtiness in surfaces like carpets and upholstery, hot-water extraction method becomes an amazing chance to absorb the tiniest grime stuck inside the fibres. This method is secured and effective, because it uses a biodegradable detergent. The detergent is vacuumed inside the upholstery and thanks to the high pressure and temperature, it then loses the grime from the inside. When we vacuum the detergent off, it comes out with all the toxins, germs and dirtiness.

  • pH balance restoration

This is super important for any upholstery – especially for leather models. pH balance provides shininess and brightness to the surface. Most commercial products spoil it. So let our cleaners to do their job and to use our contemporary detergents to make your upholstery brilliant and beautiful again.

  • Final inspection

During the final inspection from the upholstery cleaning we gently check out if there's a missed stain or spot to be removed. If everything looks ok, we finish the procedure with a delicate coverage for the upholstery that will preserve it sleek and untouched by new germs and dirtiness. If needed, we also press and iron the fibres for a visible final outcome.