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See below the answers to most frequently asked questions about our cleaning services in London. Please, contact us in case you need more additional information or specific question to ask that does not fit in any of the following topics.

Are your domestic cleaners vetted?

Yes, they are. GS Cleaning Company has a special vet system that guarantees the safe and faultless domestic cleaning and ironing service. After applying for a job in our company, each of the candidates is finely investigated about his or her previous job history. We always require a recommendation from the previous employer. Then, we train and educate the workers and provide them insurance, as well as a vet badge that assures our clients that their homes are sanitized by the best cleaners.

Is it possible to name exact days for visitation?

Yes, it is possible. You are free to choose the schedule for the domestic cleaning and ironing service – daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can also pick up exact days from the week for each visitation. Have in mind that if your personal cleaner is not available for a specific day, we can send you other cleaner for a replacement.

How should I proceed in case I am not satisfied with the procedure?

If you are not satisfied with any of our cleaners` job or specifically of the domestic cleaning and ironing procedure, just give us a call and make your inquiry. If you do that in 24 hours, we will send the same cleaner to re-clean the house – free of charge. If you do it later, we will send you another cleaner.

Can I have the same cleaner for all the procedures?

Yes, you can. You can pick up an individual cleaner to handle the whole schedule of your domestic cleaning and ironing service. Please, have in mind that if this cleaner is not available for a specific day, we will send you other cleaner.

Does domestic cleaning and ironing service comes with insurance?

Yes, it does. All of our cleaners work under the protection of Public Liability Insurance. The amount is 1 million pound. The insurance is applied in case of a damage or loss – including loss of the keys you have provided to your individual cleaner to clean, when you are not at home.

Are there any minimum hours per domestic cleaning and ironing visitation?

Yes, there are and they are 2 hours, if you have booked the service on a weekly basis, and 3 hours per visitation is your order is on fortnightly base.

Is it on mandatory to remain at home, while the procedure is done?

No, it is not on mandatory. You can decide whether to stay, or to be out of your home. All you need to do is to provide you personal cleaner keys and access to your home place. Also, have in mind that you are free to leave a list of instructions for the cleaners, when you are away. It is recommended for the customers to come back at home to see how the procedure went out and to inspect if everything is ok.

Is it obligatory to give you tools and detergents for cleaning?

No, it is not. It is your choice to decide whether to provide us the cleaning equipment, or you will rely on our professional pack of green detergents and modern devices at a small fee. If you provide the equipment, your personal cleaner will always inform you if something is missing or running out.

What happens in case of damage?

We have insurance for damages and breakages. In case of such, please inform us for the incident in 24 hours, so we can take the required measures. For more information, feel free to see the Terms and Conditions, where such cases are finely explained.

Is it possible to order domestic cleaning and ironing service for holiday?

Yes, it is possible. As we have already said it, GS Cleaning Company works 365 days per year – including in Bank Holidays. There is no problem, if any of the visitations by our cleaners is in holiday. Just make sure you inform us about this visitation at least 1 week in advance.

Can I eventually change the preliminary settled domestic cleaning and ironing service?

Yes, you can always change the schedule for the procedures. All you need to do is to simply inform us 48 hours in advance before the next visitation you want to reschedule. In case you cannot inform us in this period of time, you will get the visitation, but you will have to pay for the both procedures – from the old and from the new schedule.

What happens in case I am not satisfied with domestic cleaning and ironing service?

Please, get in touch with our customer support representatives to make an inquiry in such case. We will immediately send the cleaner back to your home place to re-clean it for free, if you do it maximum 24 hours after the visitation.

How can I cancel forever my domestic cleaning and ironing schedule?

It is easy. All you need to do is to contact us. You can cancel the service at any convenient for you time. Once you cancel it, we will stop providing you the service after one month. The requirement is to cancel the order one month in advance.

What happens, if my cleaner does not come in time?

Our cleaners are instructed to come to your house in time. There is a possibility for delay of 30 minutes maximum due to traffic or any emergency situation. We always inform you about this delay. If the delay proceeds for longer, you can apply for compensation. Call us in case you cleaner has not informed you about the delay.

Should I pay the cleaner or there`s month subscription?

Even though there is a month subscription for domestic cleaning and ironing service, the payment is for the cleaner. You pay him or her on the regular basis you have settled for the service.