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End of Tenancy Cleaning FAQ

See below the answers to most frequently asked questions about our End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London. Please, contact us in case you need more additional information or specific question to ask that does not fit in any of the following topics.

Is it Possible to order End of Tenancy Cleaning Expert for a long Period of Time?

Yes, it is possible – you can name the duration of the procedure according to the dirtiness level in the property. Though, have in mind that we have a minimum of 3 years per visitation for end of tenancy cleaning. This means, if the procedure takes less than 3 years, the payment will be for the minimum 3 hours.

Is it Possible to be Away from Home During the Procedure?

Yes, it is possible – you are not obliged to remain in the house, while our workers perform the end of tenancy cleaning procedure. You can decide on your own – whether to stay, or to be there to give your instructions. Have in mind that you can leave the specific instructions or the cleaning requirements from your tenancy contract in advance. The only thing you need to do is to provide our workers free access to the entire property to be finely sanitized.

Is it possible to get my carpets cleaned alongside with end of tenancy cleaning service?

Yes, it is possible – there is no problem for you to book any other cleaning service from our range alongside with end of tenancy cleaning procedure. Specify this in your order. If you order carpet cleaning London with end of tenancy cleaning, you will get both procedures done at the same day as a bonus!

What would happen in case me, or my landlord will not be satisfied with the final result?

We provide you a 24-hour end of tenancy cleaning guarantee. In case of an omission or dissatisfaction, you can call us back. We will come to re-clean the property for free – with no excuses or special conditions.

Should I pay for parking or congestion?

Currently, we provide you two options. The first option will save you time for parking fees, if you provide us enough space for our van with all the necessary equipment and machinery to park. The second option is to pay for private parking place, so our workers can get the whole pack of modern tools for cleaning we provide. Congestion fee is always small, but you pay it only in case you are located in Congestion Charging zone.

How can I pay?

We accept payments in cash, via cheque, debit or credit card.

Are there any preliminary payments?

In order to safe your preliminary registration, our customer support representatives require from you card pre-authorization for the amount of the ordered end of tenancy cleaning service duration. This option is available, though, only if you pay with credit or debit card.

By getting an Invoice – if you pay with credit or debit card – or by paying in cash to our workers – you should pay the rest of the end of tenancy cleaning service amount after the procedure is done.

What is the minimum duration of any end of tenancy cleaning service?

It is 3 hours.

Is it possible to book the service for the weekend or Bank holiday?

There is no problem to book end of tenancy cleaning service for the weekend or Bank holiday. Our company works 365 days per year – with no exception.

Should I provide you anything for the cleaning procedure?

If you require it in advance, we will bring everything necessary for the end of tenancy cleaning procedure. The supplies come at a very small fee. If you want to save money, you can provide us tools and detergents from your own. Have in mind, though, that we work only with professional detergents with no toxic effect and they worth it every penny!

What is your working time schedule?

We work from Monday to Sunday with these working hours:

Our customer support representatives are available for your 24/7 via phone.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

You can cancel booked service, but you have to do it only 48 hours before the date of the visitation you have scheduled with us. Otherwise, when you cancel the order, you will need to pay us 50% of the end of tenancy cleaning price.

What happens in case the workers are late?

There is always a possibility for our cleaners to get stuck in the traffic. However, in such case we always inform you. Still our cleaners always come as soon as possible in such situations. In case they are late more than half an hour, you are free to require compensation.

How many workers come to do the end of tenancy cleaning?

In most cases, we bring standard number of cleaners according to the size of your house. Though, if you want to, you can book as many cleaners as you think your property needs.

Does end of tenancy cleaning service include window cleaning?

Our cleaners always clean the windows from the inside, when you book end of tenancy cleaning. If you want cleaning from the inside, you will have to provide us safe access to perform this chore.

Is it possible to order only few of the tasks for end of tenancy cleaning service?

Yes, it is possible. You can name us the exact rooms or premises of the property. You are also free to name your personal instructions in details as to what needs to be cleaned and what – not.

Can you clean the freezer, too?

Please, make sure you have defrosted the freezer in advance, so we can clean it, too. If your end of cleaning service duration is at least 6 hours will handle the defrosting process.

Can you clean the oven, too?

Every end of tenancy cleaning service we provide includes oven cleaning, as well.

What is the guarantee that the property will be safe?

We give you 24-hour guarantee to call us in case of any damage or loss.

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