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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

See below the answers to most frequently asked questions about our carpet cleaning services in London. Please, contact us in case you need more additional information or specific question to ask that does not fit in any of the following topics.

Is it on mandatory to be at home, when you sanitize the carpets?

No, you are not obliged to remain in the house, while our workers perform the carpet cleaning procedure. You can decide on your own – whether to stay, or to be there to give your instructions. The only thing you need to do is to provide our workers free access to the entire property to be finely sanitized.

When my carpet becomes usable after steam carpet cleaning?

It takes 4 hours – maximum – for a carpet to get dry and to be usable again and this refers only to 100% woolen carpets. All other materials can be ready for usage sooner, because GS Cleaning Company applies a specially tailored device for faster drying.

What happens, if I am not pleased with the carpet cleaning procedure?

You have 24 hours to call us back and to make your inquiry. We will re-clean the carpet again and for free.

Should I additionally pay for the parking place?

If you provide us your own private parking place in front of your home, so we can park our van with all the equipment there, you do not have to pay anything else. Still, the carpet cleaning service fee does not include any parking and if you have to provide us such, the fee is not part of the bill.

What about the congestion fee?

You pay a congestion fee only in case your property is located in congestion zone. Otherwise, no fees are collected from you.

Are there any exceptions as to materials you do not clean?

We clean all type of carpet materials except for seagrass, sisal, coir and natural fibers.

How do I pay?

We do accept payments in cash or via debit and credit cards.

Are there any preliminary payments?

Yes, you have to give us 50% of the final amount of your order. This is a deposit and after the service is done, you pay the rest of the amount.

Do you have a minimum amount of payment per one carpet cleaning visitation?

Yes, we do have a minimum payment and it is £50.00

Can I order carpet cleaning service for the weekend?

Yes, you can. GS Cleaning Company works 365 days per year with no exception – including weekends and holidays.

Is it possible to book carpet cleaning service outside the general working hours?

Our customer support representatives are available for you 24/7 to make an order. Our workers are available for work in these working hours:

Monday to Sunday –6.00 AM  to 23.00 PM

What material of carpets can you clean?

GS Cleaning Company can handle all kinds of carpet materials. Oriental, hand-knotted, delicate and decorative carpets are also included.

Should I de-install and bring you the carpet to your office?

No, you should not. Our workers come directly to your home place to clean the carpet. You do not have to bring it to us or to move any of the furniture. We do this.

Do I have to give you detergents or any special devices for the carpet cleaning service?

No, you don`t have to. GS Cleaning is equipped with all the necessary tools, devices, gadgets and detergents. We always provide only natural and green cleaning products. Our machinery is reputable enough to handle all kinds of stains and spots. We use only certified and modern innovative devices.

Can I be confident that my carpet is at safe hands?

Yes, you can. All of the cleaners that work for GS Cleaning Company are vetted and insured. Your personal belongings are at safe place, even though you are not at home, while the procedure is done. We also provide insurance for the services in case of any omission. In addition to these, if you are not satisfied with the procedure or you see any damage of your carpet, you can call us in 24 hours, so we can deal with the issue immediately.

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