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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Purpose    Terms and Conditions GS Cleaning

With these terms and conditions GS Cleaning company does establish the basic topics, matters of discussions and eventual legal issue solutions. By using the website or any of our cleaning services, you do agree with all of the clauses mentioned above. Please, note that these are only basics and all cases, which are not mentioned or solved here will be fully bound with the UK and ES laws.

Rights and Obligations

As a customer you have specific rights and obligations as to the usage of our website and the cleaning services provided by GS Cleaning company. You have the right to review our services, the conditions for each of them, the promotions and discounts we provide – including for the loyal customers, who have been regular in ordering our services – as well as consultations by the phone or preliminary visitations at home for a speedy examination and review of the dirtiness that should be eliminated. You also have obligations not to steal any data or files from our website data base, as well as from the personal information the rest of our clients provide. You are obliged to follow the steps for ordering a concrete cleaning service. Still, you always can use the assistance of our customer support representatives for any additional information or ask your question, if needed.

Terms and Conditions Changes

As a progressive and growing company, GS Cleaning company does reserve its right to make changes on the following terms and conditions. If you want to remain our client, you need to agree to obey and take benefits of them, including with the changes. Be aware that once we do establish the change in our terms and conditions, we will inform you about it as soon as possible. Also, we will provide you the necessary time to consider whether you want to accept the new terms and conditions and we will give you appropriate period of time for the consideration. Usually, the common period of time ranges from 1 week to 1 month. Once we establish the change, we will notify you either with an email, or by phone about the changes. You are not obliged to accept the changes, but unless you do it, you will be no longer able to use our services or to visit our website with the the same rights and obligations regarding the modified parts.

Procedures and Methods of Provided Cleaning Services

1. About the arrangement of cleaning services

All mentioned and explained in detailed cleaning services on our website are available for order in advance. Note that our customer support representatives are responsible for the arrangement of a visitation by our cleaners. We always try to arrange any ordered cleaning service as soon as possible. But in case of delay, note that it might be due to rush days or periods of the year (like holidays, changes of the seasons and etc). However, if your order is processed and you are informed about its appointment date and the cleaning team does not arrive in time, you have the right to contact us, so we can compensate for the leak. Please note that due to traffic or any other emergency situation, a cleaning team might be late with 15-30 minutes. If this happens, we will again inform you about the delay.

2. About the performance of the cleaning services

Any of the cleaning services we provide comes with strict plan for its performance. Depending on the nature of the service – permanent contract with regular visitations or single visitation for instant cleaning result – we provide you alternatives for schemes. Single cleaning visitation is always appointed at the most convenient for you time. You have the right to offer an alternative, if our preliminary offer does not suit you. Note that you are not obliged to remain at house, while the service is performed. You are free to provide our cleaning team key for your house or apartment. Do not worry, your personal belongings and your property are fully at safe hands. Our cleaners are insured and vetted.

If the cleaning service you order is with continuing character, you are free to choose the basis – on a daily, fortnightly, weekly or monthly. You are also able to point the most convenient for you time for a visitation (for instance, in the mornings or evenings, before, during or after the working days, especially for the office cleaning services). The cleaning maid you will be connected, too, is always the same, so once you provide your instructions, the same person will be able to follow them.

Please, be aware that you are free to take benefits of our professional equipment – cleaning tools, machinery and detergents. You owe a fee for this. If you do not want to use our equipment, you need to provide such depending on the cleaning service you have ordered.

Payment Methods and Procedures

All prices listed for our cleaning services on the website are with VAT included. We do reserve the right to change the prices. If you have already a cleaning service and after the change, but before the visitation, the price is bigger, you will pay the smaller price. But if you have already paid the bigger price and a change with discount is made, you can use the discounted price. Contact our customer support representative to arrange your individual case. Special promotions that refer to all customers are always highlighted on the page, so all clients can notice them. We do reserve the right to make individual specially tailored discounts for some of our top customers, who are both – regular and loyal to GS Cleaning company.

GS Cleaning may charge the Parking and Congestion Charge if there is applicable and not provided .

In case of the day of cleaning ,cleaners cannot access the property due customer fault as -not provided with keys or alarm code  or just customer not show to give GS Cleaning access we have right to charge call out charge of the sum £60.00

We do accept payments by cash, debit/credit card, direct debit or cheque. If you prefer cheque for payment method, please make sure it is assigned to be payable for GS Cleaning company.

Have in mind that GS Cleaning company does have a public and employer's liability insurance which includes "Treatment Risk". This means that in case of any accidental damages or losses due to the presence or a mistake by our cleaners, all the expenses for the repairs and compensation will be restored by our company. Also, the insurance covers the damages and the lost profits due to neglected performance of any of our cleaning services. To receive the compensation, you need to urgently reach us. Please, report the issue within 24 hours from our service date, so we can arrange the compensation procedure. If you present on the performance of the service, you need to expect the final outcome from the service and whether to agree, or not to as to its full completion. If it is not, please contact us and inform our customer support representative for the problem. If a problem occurs, we will send straight to your property an objective inspection team. You have the right to present on the exception and to make your claims.

The procedure from above line does not concern end of tenancy cleaning service, which comes with a special guarantee for 48-hour customer guarantee. It provides you the chance to call our cleaning team to redo the cleaning procedure for free in case of any omission during your landlord`s inspection before the removal and after the sanitizing job our cleaners have done.

To avoid problems and to provide you the full information about the level of professionalism our cleaners do the job with, we have a customer feedback section. Each of you can fully comment and review our services, so new customers might be aware of what to expect.

To avoid damages our cleaners cannot be responsible for (or it is too harsh for them to be, while performing the harsh cleaning job) we do ask all of our customers to remove the fragile and highly breakable items from the space that is about to be cleaned.

Note that there are items that do not fall into the clause of the liability from our insurance. These are the items we are talking about: cash, jewellery, items of sentimental value, art and antiques.

If you have chosen not to present at home, while the cleaning service is performed and you have provided the key to our cleaning team, but the team losses the key, we take the responsibility for its replacement. Also, if needed, we do replace the whole locking system to arrange you full safety.

Order Cancellation
Every customer has the right to cancel his or her order. The cancellation can be done either by phone, via an e-mail or with a direct visitation in our office. In all cases, you are not obliged to mention the reason for the cancellation. However, in case of unexpected accidents or events you may review it, so our administrative workers would be able to consider how to proceed with the cancellation.

Please note that the optimal time for order cancellation, when you have a single-visitation cleaning service, is 24 hours  in advance. If your cleaning service is with permanent character, you need to inform us about your decision to cancel your order 30 days in advance.

If by any chance or due to some circumstances you are not able to inform us about the order cancellation within this time, you will have to pay for the services. If the service is with one single visitation, you owe the whole price of the service. And if it is with permanent character, the amount of money you will owe to GS Cleaning Company depends on the time withing which you have informed us about the cancellation.