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About us

GS Cleaning – The Best Cleaning Services in London for Your Home or Office Needs

GS Cleaning is Professional Cleaning Company in London. As a High-Quality Cleaning Company we provide perfect purity and 100% customer support at affordable and budget-friendly prices. The global Cleaning Industry has embraced one more certified, licensed and reputable company to join the mission for sparkling clean homes and offices across the whole Great Britain! We Guarantee you Amazing Final Outcome and Competitive Price list for the sake of your Health and Wellness.

Why Choosing GS Cleaning?

about us GS Cleaning Company

What makes our company so Exquisite and Comprehensive, when it comes to Precise or Top-to-Bottom sanitizing procedure can be concluded in one simple formula. To offer the best services in London and around UK, we always approach each individual customer with personal attention and cares and we always imply the triple action of diligence in details, rich experience with all kinds of dirtiness and guaranteed safety in each procedure. This is how our various and helpful cleaning services still remain on the top positions and gets the best and highest rating by the audience.

You can rely on GS Cleaning, too. Do not Hesitate to become our Regular customer. We will meet your requirements and individual demands with great attention and flexibility.

Please, have in mind that we work 365 days per year – with no exception for Weekends or Holidays. And our kind and polite Customer Support Representatives respond to your questions or orders 24/7. The Cleanliness of your Home is all we Care About!

What Makes GS Cleaning Cleaners So Successful?

Through the years we have learnt the secret to a Successful Cleaning Company – Innovations in every single Sanitizing or Disinfecting Approach and Motivated Team. For this purpose, GS Cleaning offers specially tailored cleaning equipment for each procedure or service – with no exception.

Whether you want to refresh your carpet with our London Carpet Cleaning Service or to get rid of the mess at home on a regular basis, our diligent and devoted workers come with the necessary tools, gadgets and detergents. Dirtiness and stains just cannot resist our fantastic and contemporary machinery for any situation.

We always follow the latest revolutionary devices to acquire and apply them in our comprehensive work. Plus – All of our Detergents are 100% natural and Eco-Friendly. Your environment will remain healthy, fresh and safe for the kids or your lovely pet. No toxins or chemical substances are used in our services, but only bio and certified green cleaning supplies.

In Addition to these, GS Cleaning can brag about the best cleaning team ever. Our Cleaning Workers are insured and vetted. You can be confident that your personal belongings are at safe hands and your house will be fully cleaned with no damage or fault.

The clean up workers from GS Cleaning are always prepared enough for every dirty situation. They have the required the skills, knowledge and experience. And to make sure that our cleaners will be always able to respond to your needs, we regularly arrange for them qualification courses and additional specialization education. As a result, you can count on the Best Domestic Cleaners in London  at the Lowest Prices!

What Are The Benefits of Using GS CLeaning Services in London?

Of course, any Housekeeper will agree – some Additional hands for help are always welcome, because household sanitizing tasks are always endless. But what GS Cleaning offer is not just some help in housekeeping, but also safety, healthy living conditions, understanding and confidence for you that your home is in a top condition.

See now below more of All Benefits our Cleaning Services Come With:

  • Flexibility in Arrangement – you can always pick up the most convenient for you date for our visitations. You can always end your contract with us. Just inform us a month in advance.

  • Permanent Assistance by your personal cleaner. To be sure that your house is in good hands, you can keep the cleaner and if you are not satisfied with his job, you are always welcome to inform us, so we can replace it with someone else.

  • Quality Assurance – our guarantee for perfect final outcome lets you call us back in case you are not satisfied with the final result after any of our services has been done.

  • GS Cleaning provides only Reliable Cleaning Services of all ranges – all of them are licensed and done in correspondence to the latest techniques in cleaning industry.

Variety of Cleaning Services to choose from. We offer you the following Top-Notched Cleaning Services:

Every client can find what he looks for – for any occasion and for any part of his own home!

  • Possibility to use your free time for more interesting things. GS Cleaning challenges you to start living your life – but outside from your house, away from the dirty housekeeping tasks and what is more important in a healthy and pleasant living space!

  • Customer service and dedicated account manager are also provided;

  • The best prices in london with constant discounts and policy for lower prices for all of our loyal customers;

  • High level of speed. Most cleaning companies today arrange their services in a month or longer, but we appreciate your desire to see your house clean as soon as possible. Our workers are also instructed to finish every cleaning services at a flash of a second!


Dear friends, we are happy to tell you that from this time we are Fully Available for you – Regardless your location in London or in UK. Submit your demand or order and our workers will come to transform your house immediately.

Last, but not least, see below more information about Payment with GS Cleaning Company.

GS Cleaning Company Accepts Payment in cash, via cheque, any type of a debit or credit card. You can arrange your services with daily, weekly or monthly payment. Once you apply for end of your term contract, payments will be immediately stopped.