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End of tenancy cleaning do it yourself is it really possible?

End of tenancy cleaning do it yourself is it really possible? | photo 1

end of tenancy cleaning do it yourselfEnd of tenancy cleaning London is a common service and a general purge eventually many people face. It is well-known as a two-side service because both: tenants and landlords might need it. This means that a London cleaning company can receive an order for an end of tenancy cleaning service by a landlord at one hand, and by tenants, at another hand. In all cases, the purpose is clear: the property should be back in its primary and representative look, so other tenants would love and rent it.

It is important to know that the decision whether this aim is achieved, or no, is made by the landlord, himself, or by the real estate agency (or some other independent agency and person). But this is a decision that is made after an inventory check and examination. This procedure is important for the conclusion whether the end of tenancy cleaning was done properly, fully, in time and in correspondence to the clauses of the rent contract. As a result of this check, the landlord might either give the tenancy deposit back to the tenants or not to. In some cases, fees and charging are also possible for the penalty due to low hygiene left in the property. 

Meanwhile, as a purge end of tenancy cleaning represents a very deep, thorough and top-to-bottom cleaning. It involves all the premises and it must end up with perfect results. These results are achievable only with good cleaning skills, effective cleaning detergents and tools, right approaches into different stains removal or sanitizing job.

Frankly, to be perfectly done and to receive an approval, the end of tenancy cleaning procedure requires a lot of time and efforts. This is why many people prefer to rely on professionals. A professional cleaning company in London usually has the end of tenancy cleaning as the main service of its portfolio. People use this service often. Besides, more and more people have dropped the idea of buying their own homes and prefer to take the benefits of living on a rent, which means living on a budget. Properties have become too expensive and fewer people can now afford to buy. So, the more rent deals are closed, the bigger the need for an end of tenancy cleaning company, respectively services, becomes. But is using a professional home cleaning company the only option you have? Can`t tenants do the house cleaning job on their own? And if so important and thorough this purge is, is it possible to do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself? 

Probably, many tenants (or landlords) have asked this and considered it as an alternative. In most cases, they believe doing it themselves would be cheaper. Saving money is a thing we all think about – all the time and every day. So many landlords and tenants decide to save some money and to do the purge on their own. But is it really the better option? Is it a smart decision at all? And can they really do it – effectively, fully and in time? Now, you might be finally able to answer yourself this question and to make up your mind whether to hire end of tenancy cleaning company before moving out, or to do it yourself before giving your house on rent. 

kitchen move out cleaningFirst of all, let`s mention that in some cases you might not even have the chance to choose: whether to use the professional cleaning services or no. This is a common situation. And it appears when your rent contract includes such a clause. Here is what you need to know: all rent contracts have a clause concerning the end of tenancy cleaning. But some landlords require their tenants to on mandatory hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services. These are landlords, who want to have a guarantee that the end of tenancy cleaning will be done finely, properly and perfectly. They do it either because they don`t trust particular tenants (for instance, they are students and parties are possible to ruin the whole house), or because they have such a standard approach for a guarantee that their properties will be maintained properly. So before thinking whether to go shopping for some cleaning detergents and start the purge, better check out your rent contract. If you see a mandatory clause use professional end of tenancy cleaning services, then you need to call your local cleaning company for home cleaning services near you right away. 

If you don`t do this, you will lose your tenancy deposit. You know that. And if you want your money back, better finely estimate your cleaning skills. Because even if you have the right to choose whether to do home cleaning yourself, or not, you might not be able to perform such a task. Many people get mislead that just because a team of the end of tenancy cleaners can cope with the situation for a day or even for half a day, few hours, they can do it, themselves, as well. But these people overestimate their qualities.

Are you really such a prudent housekeeper not to miss even a single spot on the carpet or to be fully able to cope with carpet cleaning, reach the windows and wipe them all? You need to be a real wizard to deal with all of these. Moreover – you need more time for the procedure. It will take you at least half a day to get rid of the grim in the high-traffic areas like the kitchen or the lobby. Do you have this time? Do you have enough time for the whole property? And something else: do you have enough time to cope with the end of tenancy cleaning and meanwhile, to find a new place to move in, to pack your things, to deal with the administrative tasks before the removal you have? This is a lot of time, by the way. We don`t say you can`t do it. We just say that it is a lot of work and this work requires a lot of skills. You should be certain you have them. And the end of tenancy cleaning requires effective and contemporary cleaning tools and detergents. Sometimes, it even requires hard cleaning machinery for harder spots – like steaming machines for the carpets and the upholstery, washing machines that reach higher floors from the outside and etc. Professionals are equipped with all of these. And that`s why they are able to deal with the end of tenancy cleaning services for such a short time. 

end of tenancy cleaning bathroomWithout demotivating you, we really need you to know if you are able to do move out cleaning before even making the first step for it. Because if you fail, it won`t be nice at all. You will lose a lot of time that you can use for all of the other tasks you have (and they are many as you know). You will also lose your tenancy deposit back in the end. And we sure that before a removal everyone needs money and losing some is by all means a bad surprise to ruin your plans and moving out the organization. Plus – you will fret.

And let`s not forget that a removal is a very stressful process. So no matter how much prepared, motivated and ambitious you are to deal with it smoothly, stress is always too much. And this makes us believe that even if you are good in cleaning and you are a decent housekeeper, who knows how to clean wine stains out of a carpet, you might fail with the end of tenancy cleaning. You`ve got enough on yourself right now. So mistakes are possible. Misses are possible. And eventually, failure during the inventory check is quite possible. Why losing time, nerves and even money for those cleaning products from the store, if someone can replace you from the hard and long-lasting end of tenancy cleaning procedure? 

Speaking of money, there is some other end of tenancy cleaning detail we need to share with you. If you want to do end of tenancy cleaning by yourself, probably, you do it to save some money. But this is another illusion people have. Actually, you won`t save that much money. Make a simple calculation. Try to figure it out how much money you will spend in the store to get yourself properly equipped to do the end of tenancy cleaning fully and effectively. It means, you need special de-greasing products for the kitchen, stain removers for the oldest spots and for all types of materials you will treat, universal all-purpose cleaners, deodorizers to remove the bad odor, disinfecting detergents to get rid of the bacteria in the sanitary premises, special cleaning tools and common cleaning products like brooms, sponges and etc. Now compare the final amount of money you will need for these things with a standard end of tenancy cleaning service price. Are you still sure you can make savings from this chore? Or you will eventually pay few pounds more, but lose so many days more and stress so much? Now, another question appears. Is it smart to do the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself? 

Ok, let`s say that you are hugely determined to deal with this chore on your own. You are 100% sure that you can do the cleaning and get your tenancy deposit back. You will still need some expert tips, though – to ensure your perfect final outcome of the purge. We have gathered for you some standard, common, but yet significant and helpful tricks and pieces of advice to apply, when it comes to DIY end of tenancy cleaning. Check them out now and on mandatory consider them before starting sanitizing:

  1.        1.Have a plan

Checklist is the first thing you need when you start doing your end of tenancy flat or house cleaning. Make a detailed checklist be sure that you will deal with everything in time. Plan more time for cleaning per each room – just in case and as a guarantee. Have a checklist for each room. Here is an example: a bathroom needs decent toilet seat disinfection, proper and full floor cleaning, bad odor removal, polishing the kitchen, stain removal, de-scaling. Follow your plan properly to get ready in time. 

        2. Have someone by your side to help with the end of tenancy cleaning

Frankly, one person is not enough. No matter how small or narrow the property is, alone, you might not be able to cope with the move out cleaning on your own. Get the whole family to help you. Make the kids clean their own rooms – this is a good way to teach them to be responsible for their actions, especially if they have made a lot of stains in the kid`s room. Ask your friends to come or get your closest neighbors to help. They will be really happy to spend more time with you before you leave and move out. If you have to, call the colleagues, too. And on mandatory, ask your boss for some extra days-off. He would understand.  

       3. Remember: it`s all about the details. The least details!

If you look at a standard professional end of tenancy cleaning service checklist, you will see chores like cleaning door handles, wiping light switches, washing the tile gaps and etc. Professional cleaning companies do these things because they know how prudent an inventory check is. Actually, those, who fail during the inventory check are those, who haven`t paid any attention to these details of the interior. And if you have one of those landlords, who would do anything to do a dirty thing, be sure: he will not give your tenancy deposit back, because you haven’t defrosted the freezer (and no – he doesn’t care that you didn’t know you have to do that!), or you haven’t removed the soap spots from the kitchen cabinets. 

      4. Clean from top to bottom and both: from the inside and from the outside

Cleaning from top to bottom is the only optimal way to clean effectively and fast. It is the logical approach. If you clean the furniture the floor at first, when you start dusting the upper levels of the cupboards and the drawers, all the dirt will once again appear on the tiles and the carpet. Also, clean from the inside and from the outside, when it comes to all types of furniture. The inventory check is a serious check and the landlord will open all the drawers not because he would want to be sure that you have taken all of your personal belonging. But because he would want to be sure that his property is indeed, finely disinfected, sanitized and refreshed, so he could give it for a rent to new tenants as soon as possible and with no need to re-clean the house, himself, or to call the professional end of tenancy cleaners

      5. Don`t forget to disinfect the electric devices, as well

65% of the inventory check goes wrong due to this miss: not cleaning the electric devices at all or poor cleaning. When we say electric devices, we mean all of them: wipe the TV screen with soft microfiber and with appropriate specially tailored detergents, de-grease the oven and the hob, make sure the music and movie systems are also sanitized and etc. 

      6. Staircases and the exterior elements should be also cleaned

Indeed, they fall in the standard end of tenancy cleaning checklist, too. Some tenants believe that they should sanitize the interior only, but things like staircases, front doors, and even the patio furniture must be also freshened up and disinfected well. 

      7. Pay special attention on special rooms

The dirtiest places in your home are mainly the sanitary premises and the kitchen. Here is where you need to spend most of your planed time for the end of tenancy cleaning. The kitchen has a lot of stains and they are all organic, which is harsh to deal with. And the sanitary premises require sparkling clean areas to ensure the new tenants that this property is safe for them and for their kids. Attention: if you have a kid or a pet, you need to be really hard-working during the end of tenancy cleaning. It is supposed that they have made a lot of spots and mess you need to properly take care of.