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10 situations when you definitely need end of tenancy cleaning

10 situations when you definitely need end of tenancy cleaning | photo 1

End of tenancy cleaning London is one of the most common and booked cleaning services these days. Available in almost all London Cleaning Companies, it is a significant service that comes as a real rescue in numerous situations. When it comes to the professional domestic cleaning services in UK, British companies share that 65% of their booked services and annual profits are made of end of tenancy cleaning. So, all of these must tell you a certain thing: one way or another and eventually, one day you might also need tenancy cleaning assistance even though you haven`t used such a service before. And today, we are going to talk about the main purposes and the main occasions that establish the need for such a professional cleaning service. See the top common 10 situations when you definitely need end of tenancy cleaning now:

When you get your first own home place

Up to now, you have lived in one, two or even more lodgings. Probably, you got used to having a home in half. You have such, but it is not fully yours. Because some of the obligations are covered by your landlord! For instance, when the apartment needs repairs, the landlord does or pays for them, right? However, now when you finally succeeded to save money or get a loan in order to buy your own apartment or house for living, you need to cover one last obligation concerning your present, rented home place – to thoroughly clean it and to leave it in a presentable condition, so other tenants, like you, with no own home place, could move into it and feel comfortable around. So, don`t hurry to get happy for your new acquisition before moving out and doing the end of tenancy cleaning in your lodging. 

When you decide to replace your current lodging

Now, let`s imagine the situation, you are not able to get your own home place yet, but you urgently need to move out. The reasons might be various – you change your job, you decide to apply for a university in another city, your wife`s just got a promotion at work and you need to move out with the whole family and etc. Sometimes even, the reason might be negative. For instance: you are not pleased with your current anymore – it`s too small and a baby is expecting or you get a really bad attitude from your landlord. So, just get your things packed and start looking for a new place to rent. Though, please, don`t forget to do the move out cleaning, as well. No matter how badly the last argues with your landlord went, you need to do your duty: to clean the house and to leave it as nobody has ever lived or made any stains, accidents and dirt here. 

When you need your end of tenancy deposit back on mandatory 


If this is your first rented lodging, you might be asking yourself right now: “Why the heck should I do the end of tenancy cleaning anyway?”. What is so urgent, important and on mandatory? Well, you can always leave the house without even wiping the furniture or empty the disposals, or washing those windows that you have never treated here. However, in this case, you will not get your tenancy deposit back. Remember, the first time you entered this apartment? You did sign the contract and one of the clauses there corresponded to your duty to clean the house before moving out, right? This is why you gave that sum of money – it is your tenancy deposit and the landlord has the full right to keep it in case you don`t do the end of tenancy cleaning. You have the right not to clean at all. But it will cost you the tenancy deposit money and if you really need them, better do the end of tenancy cleaning properly.

You have no cleaning skills


So, let`s say you need that money and you have to move out – for any of the reasons we have mentioned or for some other reason. What can you do, if you have never even cleaned a spot if you have no idea how to sanitize the carpets or if you are out of skills to disinfect the sanitary premises and to get rid of those stains in the kitchen? Well, the only thing you can do is to book one of tenancy cleaning service right away. Thankfully, if you have no cleaning skills, you are still able to get your tenancy deposit back, respectively to do your duty to clean the property before the removal. By the way, if you have few skills – like in tidying up the rooms and wiping the worktops to remove the dust – know, that they are not going to be enough at all. Because, home cleaning after tenancy means deep and top-to-bottom purge that requires many skills, lots of time to invest, as well as decently detailed disinfection, aka to clean all parts of the property.

You have no time for cleaning 


In most cases, a removal comes out of the blue. Bosses usually do not give us any time to prepare to leave the city and get the new position on the other side of the country. Sometimes, you will have a week to pack your things, to convince your wife that all of these will be for good, for the whole family, to find a new lodging, to clean the current lodging. You might think that a day would be completely enough to sanitize the whole property, but it wouldn’t be. End of tenancy cleaning might be done in few hours only by professional London cleaners and hygiene specialists, but they are experts, they use modern and effective cleaning tools and detergents you don`t have and you cannot find in regular shops and supermarkets. So, instead of losing even more of your precious and limited time for removal preparation, reserving domestic cleaning services in London would be the better idea for you. And what is more important – it would be the most efficient idea. 

You have made an enormous mess in your lodging


Busy lifestyle and dynamic daily routines deprive us of time that we need for so regular activities like keeping our home places in a top condition, tidying up on a regular basis and etc. Eventually, one day you wake up and you realize that you live in a total chaos. Everything is upside down in all premises, there are old and stubborn stains you think you can never remove, the furniture is so dirty that they look wasted and out of usage anymore. This is a mess you might not be able to deal with before the removal. But it does not mean that you have to reconcile with it and leave it like that. Professional cleaning is the best solution for such a situation. 

You have lived with messy kid or pet in the rented property


Lodgings that are rented by families with kids or tenants with pets are in most cases dirtier and messier. There are even landlords that will not let a tenant accommodate his or her dog due to this reason. Moreover – rents are in most cases higher, when the tenant comes with a pet or with a small kid. After all, a little kid or a cat can make more dirt and more stains on the property. And landlords risk their properties with this. So mainly, such a clause – for obligatory end of tenancy cleaning (sometimes, even for the professional end of tenancy cleaning) is a very common case in contracts signed by families with kids and pets. And when the day to move out for you come, too, you will figure it out why was all of these. Indeed, you have made an enormous mess in the property. And you might not be able to cope with it. Stains, dirt, bacteria, grime and dust – these are things you should get rid of with a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. 

You are a landlord with bad tenants


Consider the fact, you are on the other side: you are the landlord and you have either forgotten to include the obligatory end of tenancy cleaning service clause in the rent contract, or you have done this, but your dearest tenants have missed it. Ok, they might have read and signed it, but for some reason, they haven’t executed their obligation. These are the bad and irresponsible tenants. But getting angry with them, when they are already gone and left this huge mess won`t help you. You can only keep your tenancy deposit, which is the only good thing in the whole situation, right? However, use the money to deal with the mess. Call your local cleaning agency and ask for the tenancy cleaning service. You have suffered and peeved enough, so relax and let the experts do their job. 

You decide to give your home for a rent


Landlords, who have just become such and stepped into this position might need some decent and professional help into presenting their properties in the best condition when the potential clients arrive. If this is the very first time you give your personal home for a rent – either because you have got a new one, or because you have moved out in an another city – might now know that the first impression is the only impression those potential customers get. And if they enter in a dirty and not welcoming property at all, they will not rent it at all. You might have made those repairs you have always thought about to impress your “guests”. You might also have bought new furniture or redecorated the premises. But all of these are not enough, guys. Hygiene is the key to home neatness and home comfortableness. And if we recall ourselves the motto “Simplicity is beauty”, we will eventually figure it out: no décor or an expensive piece of furniture can make a room look nice and welcoming better than the perfect cleanliness and order. So, this is why you need to use the end of tenancy cleaning, too, even though you haven’t got any tenants before. With such a service you will make the property really presentable and the first potential renters will love it at their very first sight after entering it. 

You are not pleased with what your tenants have done before the removal


There are tenants you might have that will seem nice. They will be good to you, they will keep the clauses from the contract you have signed when they moved in. They will even do the end of tenancy cleaning. However, once you enter the property after their call with the notice they are ready to leave, somehow, you might not remain fully satisfied. You will see stains all over the kitchen or at least signs of stains on which cleaning attempts were made. You might even see that, indeed, the rooms are tidied up, but the lodging still looks unwelcoming. There is dust on the furniture. The carpet is so wasted and the shades are not as bright as they used to be. In short, there was a cleaning here, but it`s not enough.

And you need to have really high demands on the cleaning results you see. Because no matter how hard your tenant`s attempts to do the end of tenancy cleaning were and no matter how much you like him or her, don`t forget: your property is your business. You earn money from it. You will invite new potential clients here tomorrow or the next week. So ask yourself: “Will these new tenants like the environment? Will they be happy with what they see? Or they will see dirt and stains that will repulse them so much that they will ignore the fact of the property good location or the new furniture you have just bought due to the grime?”. So, if your tenants have done the cleaning, but it is still dirty, first of all, they don`t deserve the whole tenancy deposit back. And second of all: you need another, one more end of tenancy cleaning procedure. It will guarantee you that new tenants will be found fast and you will get the rent price you want. There are potential tenants that might have doubts for your property due to the fact it`s not so welcoming and pleasant and eventually will want a price drop. So, avoid these negotiations and get the price you want after doing the second, efficient this time, end of tenancy cleaning. 

Situations you might need end of tenancy cleaning services as you can see are many and various. The list from above is not even exhausted. But it is the full enough to show you how important and significant an move out cleaning service sometimes might be. It saves you troubles and in some cases, it even gets you money, protects your reputation, rescues you from argues or extra fees for paying.

Considering a good end of tenancy cleaning company is a must in all cases. If it is reliable enough, you will guarantee yourself either a faultless removal or a good rent deal to close. Relying on your tenants – unfortunately, and frankly – is good, but it does not work all the time. Sometimes, you might need to rely on yourself or on a trustworthy London cleaning company and domestic cleaners. The same thing goes for tenants, too, by the way. Knowing that your landlord is so pretentious and mean might get you to the decision to step aside, not to bother or to make even a single cleaning effort and call the professional cleaners. Because they can deal with the situation more effectively.

Besides, most cleaning companies provide omission guarantee. According to it, the end of tenancy cleaners will return (within a preliminarily settled period of time) in case something goes wrong during the check before moving out. So, in all cases, your tenancy deposit gets also guaranteed and you will be able to get it back. As professionals in hygiene, we recommend you to never underestimate the importance behind the end of tenancy cleaning services and to better rely on experts, who are able to help you and get the rented property back into its primary condition and representative look.