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Deep Carpet Cleaning process – step by step guide PART 1

Deep Carpet Cleaning process – step by step guide  PART 1 | photo 1

What makes carpets so hard to be maintained in a top condition is the fact that is usually attracts too much and too often dirtiness from different sources. Stains can be both – organic and toxic, but pat hairs and all the grime you bring from the outside inside your house also sticks to home carpets. But you can be 100% sure that using our carpet cleaning services, your carpets are at safe hands. We can fast and efficiently eliminate all the dirtiness from the carpet. We clean till we reach the top-notched and effective purity results our cleaners are trained and experienced to achieve.

GS Cleaning Carpet Cleaning companyfollow a decent and specially tailored guide for ideal carpet disinfection. To reach amazing and satisfying results we sanitize the items deeply and thoroughly. This is what we do with each individual carpet to make it fresh and bright again step by step.

1.      Preliminary inspection of the carpet.

During this first step we do inspect the carpet in order to see its condition and level of dirt. We also observe whether there are some specific stains to treat precisely afterwards. This pre-treatment of carpet cleaning also includes estimation of the carpet material, which is important for the appointment of the most suitable procedure for its disinfection in deep. The excessive usage and wasted areas are covered as important zones that need to be treated delicately.

2.      Free the carpet area

Keep in mind that the installation, as well as the location of the carpet, additionally points the best approach in each individual carpet cleaning procedure. Have in mind that GS Cleaning Company can remove the heavy items like sofas and lounge suites, tables and chairs, beds on wheels and light furniture instead of you to clean the hard to be reached carpet zones. However, note that bookcases, fishtanks, waterbeds, china cabinets, computers and delicate or fragile items are not required to be moved for the carpet cleaning procedure.

3.      Pre-Vacuuming for old dust layers and grime

Vacuuming is the first step in carpet sanitizing procedure we perform. It is important, because it eliminates dust and soils that have been built inside the carpet fibres for years. When this type of dirtiness is removed, we can proceed with the proper carpet refreshment and effective stain removal. We use comprehensive and contemporary edge and crevice tools to get rid of pet hairs, too, which task becomes no longer your personal obligation in decent carpet purity maintenance.

4.      Thorough high-powered vacuuming

It is a must to provide a second double high-quality vacuuming, so no single feather or dust will remain inside the carpet. This is how we eliminate all kinds of dirtiness layers. By applying first-class vacuum cleaners we do provide 5 times deeper vacuuming process to your carpet than your regular vacuum cleaner. The procedure results in pulling the carpet fibres into a correct and tight position, which is very efficient against carpet ghosts.

5.      Precise scientific stain removal

We call this step scientific, because we do use our science knowledge to recognize the origin and the source of each stain on your carpet. This is the only correct and appropriate way to remove a spot from the carpet safely without causing any additional damages to the material, fading or tearing.

6.      Disinfection and bacteria removal

Let us remind you why professional and regular carpet cleaning is so important not only for the carpet, itself, but also for your overall healthy domestic space. Carpets are those places on the floor that gather most of the dirtiness at home. Once you enter your house with dirty shoes or with millions of invisible bacteria all over you, they usually hide inside the tiny fibres of bacteria. Eventually, you breathe in all of these nasty toxins daily. So do your kids. And deep disinfection is one of the top important jobs we do in carpet cleaning. To provide your carpet solid bacteria removal we use strong, but 100% natural and risk-free detergents. They have ph7, which is neutral and contains no bad chemicals for the healthy area you live in and no toxins that can damage the material.